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This welcome has been updated on october 28, 2013

Welcome to my BLOG dedicated to the photo capabilities of the Nokia 808 PureView. A smartphone but for me a smart camera. I am a total Newbie when it comes to smartphones, but a “connoisseur” of photography and a (self-proclaimed) “expert” in HDR photography. The Nokia 808 Pure View is not even for sale any more, but there are still thousands of enthusiastic users. A stream of pictures on internet demonstrates the quality of the camera. I bought myself a Nokia Pure View 808 in the beginning of july 2012 to explore to what extent this smart camera can be my daily companion. This blog records my progress. Many of my PureView pictures are in “Gallery” so go there if you want to track. This Blog is also starting to give room to the Lumia 1020 the successor of the 808. Altough it is clear that on the pure pixel level of the JPEG output the 808 is still better than the 1020 (Connect.Dpreview) the announced raw support in 2014 makes the 1020 very interesting. And the 1020 has optical image stabilization and an impressive Nokia Camera app to control the 41 MP sensor. So perhaps in practise the 1020 will be a worthy successor.

Nokia support RAW for Lumia 1020 and 1520

Nokia RAW
Unexpectedly Nokia released 4 raw DNG files of pictures taken last week. It was a liitle bit of a hastle to download those files but eventualy I got them on my computer. Excited as a young child in a toy store, I opened the files in my raw converter (Adobe Camera Raw) and examined how the response was to the tweakings that are possible in that converter.

Below I will first show the originals as Nokia did put them on the Internet. Secondly I show the results of my tweaking in the raw converter. I only took 3 of them because the cat picture was good as it was.

Disclaimer: my edtis are not necessarily “better” than the originals. They serve only as a test to see how these 1020 raw files respond to editing using the many possibilities offered by modern raw converters . Here we go.




New open source app for Nokia 808 PV, powerfull photo editing, free download

PhotProc, King app for the King of camphones 
On may 13 of this year Andrew (profile) surprised us with an app, called PhotProc, specially written for the Nokia 808 PureView. He wrote: “I have just released a beta of an open-source photo-editing app I have been writing. It’s called PhotProc. It works on the 808 and can do some quite advanced photo-editing techniques. It does de-noising, shadow-lightening, recolouring etc. It doesn’t do all those Instagram effects.”

After 9 intermediate betas, Andrew now released version 1.0
I was in the fortunate position to test the different betas and also to test version 1.0 in the past days.
I here give my findings with v 1.0 You will also see some pictures from the beta stage.
This article is not a tutorial but gives the results of my testing and some observations. Andrew himself gives a lot help how to use his app.


The 808 in a Japanese garden

The day before yesterday I went back with my Nokia 808 PureView to the Japanese Garden in The Hague. This time I shot everything in 34 MP and no HDR. The disadvantage is that the skies are not recorded properly but the advantage that everything is tack sharp. As I always do with the 808 I underexposed the shots by 0.7 stop. To avoid burned out high lights. I used ACR to lighten up the dark shadows

Link to the full serie: 808 Japans

The 808 above the bulb fields

For fundraising (cancer research) photographers could go onto a work platform last weekend in Lisse.
Of course I took my Nokia 808 with me (and my Nikon D300s).



And here some of the pictures I took.



UPDATE (1 mei 2013): see a video with all my pictures (also many with my Nikon D300s) go to: VIDEO

The 808 in the bulb fields

I live in the Netherlands in the so called bulb region. You know Hillegom, Lisse (Keukenhof), Sassenheim. We have a terrible cold period behind. A kind of glacial period. Almost 4 months of terrible cold weather. For the first in the 66 years of history of the flower bulbs parade (next saterday) we have to import the flowers for the parade from France. What a shame!
But finally yesterday the nice weather started. And immediately some fields today jumped in blossom. I could not resist to take some pictures with the 808 PureView and here you see the results.








You can see the pictures widescreen by clicking: SLIDESHOW


Back again

Finally after my surgery I felt again the energy to photograph.
It took me long enough already.
I started carefully sheltered inside. In a church where there is often beautiful afternoon light.
I was strucked by the light on some umbrellas.
I quickly made a stable place for my 808 at the correct height.
Improvised with a crate that was laying around.
With a bracket with 0, -4, -2, +2, +4 EV and Photomatix I got
this result.


Nokia 808 PureView in the hospital

In late January, I had major open heart surgery and stayed in the hospital for 14 days. My Nokia 808 Pure View being with me obviously. The second week I went across the department with medical disposables on a rack on wheels.  This rack seemed perfect to use as a temporary tripod for some HDR shots. Here you see how that looked and then a detail of the 808 fastened on the rack with  rubber bands.



Here 3 pictures taken with this “set up”

Daylight view


Night view. Confusing because of all that glass working like mirrors.


A surrealistic view of the hospital department.


And to end this article one last picture; it’s a “not HDR” picture but I like the colors of this medicine cabinet




Pillow on my couch

Last week on a sunny morning (yes we do have them in the Netherlands) I was strucked by this scene. Too beautiful to pass by without capturing. In HDR of course.

Captured with the Nokia 808 PureView with a 3 shots hand held bracket zero and +- 2 Stop. Processed in Photomatix wth the default preset and cropped and editted in PS

HDR pictures with the Nokia 808 PureView

Yesterday Marc Wielaert has put an article I wrote about HDR and the Nokia 808 Pure View on his Pure View Club Blog Site. His blog site is very lively and shows everything about the Nokia 808 Pure View. He had asked me to write an article about HDR with the 808. My article has more or less the approach of a tutorial. For the full text and all the pictures go to the button “HDR” in the menu bar above. If you like, you can also read my article in the context of the Pure View Club. For that click: HDR Tutorial.