New open source app for Nokia 808 PV, powerfull photo editing, free download

PhotProc, King app for the King of camphones 
On may 13 of this year Andrew (profile) surprised us with an app, called PhotProc, specially written for the Nokia 808 PureView. He wrote: “I have just released a beta of an open-source photo-editing app I have been writing. It’s called PhotProc. It works on the 808 and can do some quite advanced photo-editing techniques. It does de-noising, shadow-lightening, recolouring etc. It doesn’t do all those Instagram effects.”

After 9 intermediate betas, Andrew now released version 1.0
I was in the fortunate position to test the different betas and also to test version 1.0 in the past days.
I here give my findings with v 1.0 You will also see some pictures from the beta stage.
This article is not a tutorial but gives the results of my testing and some observations. Andrew himself gives a lot help how to use his app.


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