Nokia support RAW for Lumia 1020 and 1520

Nokia RAW
Unexpectedly Nokia released 4 raw DNG files of pictures taken last week. It was a liitle bit of a hastle to download those files but eventualy I got them on my computer. Excited as a young child in a toy store, I opened the files in my raw converter (Adobe Camera Raw) and examined how the response was to the tweakings that are possible in that converter.

Below I will first show the originals as Nokia did put them on the Internet. Secondly I show the results of my tweaking in the raw converter. I only took 3 of them because the cat picture was good as it was.

Disclaimer: my edtis are not necessarily “better” than the originals. They serve only as a test to see how these 1020 raw files respond to editing using the many possibilities offered by modern raw converters . Here we go.



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