This welcome has been updated on october 28, 2013

Welcome to my BLOG dedicated to the photo capabilities of the Nokia 808 PureView. A smartphone but for me a smart camera. I am a total Newbie when it comes to smartphones, but a “connoisseur” of photography and a (self-proclaimed) “expert” in HDR photography. The Nokia 808 Pure View is not even for sale any more, but there are still thousands of enthusiastic users. A stream of pictures on internet demonstrates the quality of the camera. I bought myself a Nokia Pure View 808 in the beginning of july 2012 to explore to what extent this smart camera can be my daily companion. This blog records my progress. Many of my PureView pictures are in “Gallery” so go there if you want to track. This Blog is also starting to give room to the Lumia 1020 the successor of the 808. Altough it is clear that on the pure pixel level of the JPEG output the 808 is still better than the 1020 (see Connect.Dpreview) the announced raw support in 2014 makes the 1020 very interesting. And the 1020 has optical image stabilization and an impressive Nokia Camera app to control the 41 MP sensor. So perhaps in practise the 1020 will be a worthy successor.

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