Long exposures

Everybody who works intensely with the Nokia 808 PureView (with FeaturePack 2) will sooner or later discover that the shutter speed of the camera is limited between 1/667 sec as fastest and 2.7 sec as slowest. These limits are independent of the other settings like the ND filter and ISO.
Most of the time the fastest speed of 1/667 is fast enough. But with the longest shutter speed of 2.7 sec “Low Shutter Speed Photography” is not possible because often shutter speeds of 30, 60 or more seconds are necessary to get the desired effect; which often is the creation of a special mood of “smoothing” of moving water.

Suppose you will get the maximum longest shutter speed op 2.7 sec for a day light shot. Without an extra Neutral Density filter that’s not possible even with the ISO as low as 50 and the camera’s ND filter set to “on”.
I experimented with welding goggles. Real ND filters I found too expensive. The welding goggle was only 11 Euro. I indeed succeeded to get the maximun of 2.7 sec. But because the welding goggles give a heavy green cast it is a hell of a job to correct that in PhotoShop.

First the welding goggle


And now my N 808 PV with the glasses of that goggle.
I used black plastic tape and you will understand that the lens is behind the right side!.


Now the test picture I took and corrected in PS to remove the green cast.
I don’t have a waterfall in my garden you understand but I took this picture only to see how far I could go.


And here the settings of that picture.

Settings N 808 PV

As you can see it is possible to get the 2.7 sec maximum in this day light shot but you need to know how to correct a heavy colorcast in PhotoShop. More over you first have to compose your picture before you put on the glasses. With the glasses on you see nothing on the the screen of the phone.

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