Nokia RAW

By Peter Meijs

Unexpectedly yesterday Nokia released 4 raw DNG files of pictures taken last week. It was a liitle bit of a hastle to download those files but eventualy I got them on my computer. Excited as a young child in a toy store, I opened the files in my raw converter (Adobe Camera Raw) and examined how the response was to the tweakings that are possible in that converter.

Below I will first show the originals as Nokia did put them on the Internet. Secondly I show the results of my tweaking in the raw converter. I only took 3 of them because the cat picture was good as it was.

Disclaimer: my edtis are not necessarily “better” than the originals. They serve only as a test to see how these 1020 raw files respond to editing using the many possibilities offered by modern raw converters . Here we go.


Some adjustments are substantial, others are minor. The three pictures were originally taken well and well exposed. But you can tweak the raw file as you like it, AND you always keep the raw DNG file unaltered. All editing is non-destructive.

Of course it takes some expertience to tweak in a raw converter. And of course, not all raw converters are the same. Here some screenshots of the tweaking of two of the pictures in Adobe Camera Raw.

Some remarks
When you consider to print in large size: pixel peeping at high percentages show noise, depending on the used ISO, but it struck me how this noise looked like the old fashioned film grain. I think denoising will in my, preliminary, view result in a typical smooth digital image but at the expense of loss of an attractive look.

30 october, 2013 – Peter Meijs aka Pixel Peter

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